Accoya® wood may be the material of choice for window frames. In our designs we achieve exceptional efficiency while maintaining the beauty that wooden windows deliver to any home. Pros: Easy-to-care-for outside, they can provide you with the look of timber internally. Offering a fantastic blend of looks and technical performance for every style, Leekes' timber house windows are all bespoke, made to measure units, rendering you with unmatched overall flexibility on all aspects of size, glazing bar width and curved elements, among others.wood windows and doors

Timber now gives a competitive, stylish and effective alternative to uPVC. A long term expense, timber windows also boast eco-friendly credentials and cold weather efficiency due to being a naturally insulating material. For many; the most pleasing thing is the approach wooden windows look and having the option to paint them in virtually any colour.

Rotten sills happen to be a type of damage which, in the event caught early enough, can be repaired without the need for full replacement of your window. Window sill rot turns the wooden soft and compromises the integrity, strength and protection of the window composition. This turns the porous tubes of cellulose found in wood — which normally suck water up toward leaves and pull all kinds of sugar down toward roots — into highly efficient light diffusers.

then again my own folks got wooden home windows less then 10 years ago and they need changing, wood has warped, the seals dont, the grips have pulled out from the wood. Not to talk about the fact that they want painting every other 12 months if you only layer of varnish. We would opt for plastic material but that is because i understand i wouldnt have time or energy to keep the wooden ones properally and that imo my people were not sold what they thought they had been ie hard wood seasoned windows.

Wood windows can also end up being constructed to fit the structures and decor of wooden windows that are already becoming used in a task you are working with. Our wooden windows are available in a range of styles, by side or top-hung casement windows available in flush” or stormproof” casement designs, to vertical sliding sash windows, and even bifolding windows which can give very large openings.